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3D printing and Open Source Workshop at the 1st International Conference in Architectural Communication (COCA ́17) at ETSAM _Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) organized by MAca. The third revolution appears with Internet and digitalization, what enables global communication between interconnected communities sharing information and experience, the so called, collective intelligence. The exponential increase of the maker-do it yourself movement has promoted the democratization to the access to technology and design. Through collective authory with copyleft registers and creative commons licenses. The educational methodology based on learn by doing enables us to move forward towards the fourth industrial revolution, with the paradigm shift: from consumer to prosumer, from normalized mass production to mass customization.

– Almazán Cabetas, Álvaro (2017). “De la idea a la materialización física: comunicar con prototipos.”Mediaciones Pedagógicas. Actas Congreso COCA 17– MACA–ETSAM–UPM. Edición: Arcadia Mediática. Madrid. Pág. 182-185. ISBN: 978-84-947055-8-8

– Collaborators: Juan Carlos Honrubia, Julen Cordobés, Andrés Albalat, Luis Miguel Morell y Diego Martinez.


#digitalfabrication #3dprinting #rapidprototyping #opensource #freeknowledge #collectiveintelligence #makermovement #learnby doing #culturalproduction