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Visibility Project of female sexual anatomy. Thanks to the set of investigations carried out by Helen O’Connell, Odile Buisson and Pierre Foldès and Odile Fillod, in 2005 the clitoris’ exact anatomy was acknowledge and, in 2016, a free-code digital model of the Clitoris’ anatomy was shared. CLÍTORIS POWER PROTOTYPING! is a documentary film that includes different informative actions regarding
sexual education and 3D printing, through the organization of interdisciplinary workshops, interviews and the digital fabrication of clitoris’ anatomic prototypes with FFF 3D printing using the bioplastic material PLA.
– Authors: Almazán Cabetas, Álvaro; Casanova Abós, Julia; Albalat, Andrés; Almazán Altuzarra, Ascen; García Torralbo, Lucas; Martín Martín, Álvaro. MadLab Makers Association of Digital Artesans.
– Collaborators: Mentxu Abril (Sexologist); Gonso (Music); Irina Betancor (Translator); Belén Soto (Cultural Production).
– Gratitude: Odile Fillod (researcher); Atxu Amann (architect); Los placeres de Lola (Erotic shop for women); ETSAM_UPM (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid ); RACA (Architectural communication radio).

#clitorispowerprototyping #documentaryfilm #sexualeducation #digitalfabrication #transmaterial #opensource #orgasms #3dprinting #biodigital #collectiveintelligence #circulareconomy #culturalproduction