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CIDEC is the Development and Innovation Centre for Circular Economics. It is an R+D Centre which focuses on developing new productive processes based on recycling. The idea is to introduce a sustainable digital transformation of business models and to raise awareness so that environmental impact is considered in the most daily decisions of citizens.


To create a community of citizens, in constant growth, who are involved in environmental care through Circular Economics.

Testing with Circular Business Models.

To empirically sample and test business models based on circular economics by using CIDEC’s own equipment with the aim to spread and replicate these possible models in other communities.

Digital Innovation for Circular Economics

To develop sensors and data collection strategies related to the production processes, as well as visualization models, forecasting, and analysis of these processes for the implementation of strategies based on circular economics in the business world.

Pursue the idea to create an area which works as a public forum and as a space to think and learn. A meeting point in which citizens exchange ideas, as well as spreading the advantages of a circular economics model. Ultimately, a space, open to everyone, allowing people to connect, debate, and share their learning while raising awareness about the constant necessity to take care of the environment.

A collaborative project of Refugio Azul and MadLab Makers, two non-profit organizations.

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